2017 We Must #ProtectOurCare America 

My Friends I am Back and with A Purpose ! Yes I am going to Continue to Advocate to #ExpandMedicaidNow.  But Now this purpose gets Bigger. 

You see with Potential Changes to The Existing Healthcare Structure. I am Talking about Cuts to #Medicare #Medicaid and Maybe No More  of #TheACA.  (OBAMACARE) .These changes will Destroy Lives and Communities. 

How You May Ask ? Well let Me Explain It To You.

First When The #ACA  (Affordable Care Act) (OBAMACARE) came into existence it was created as a. Support Mechanism For #Medicaid and #Medicare.  This  a Funding Split among them to keep Costs Low. If You CUT OR GUT #TheACA Medicaid Medicare Costs go Up.

Second : Cuts to The #ACA leave potentially 30 Million People who are Insured Uninsured again.In addition to the 8 Million Uninsured in 19 States Who Refused to #ExpandMedicaidNow.   Thus Creating an #Impact of More Deaths. Because of Inability to afford Medical Care and Purchase Medicines. 

Third : Cuts to #Medicare and Part D And #Medicaid leave our Elderly and Disabled :  to suffer sick and in Poverty needlessly.  The proposed Voucher System Can Not Cover All or Enough of an Individual ‘s Medical Expenses. Thus Our Elderly populations Face Higher Death Risk.Because Not Only Will The Elderly Not afford access to A Doctor.  But Many Can not currently afford their Medicines Right Now. And With Vouchers its Impossible to Find Affordable Medicines.  .Thus again putting Our Elderly and Disabled at risk. Plus those suffering From Mental Health Issues as Well. 

Fourth : The #ACA was created to save money and by #ExpandMedicaidNow all would have healthcare.  Thus lowering expenses.  For both The Federal Government and Its Citizens. By Cutting it you not only ReCreate An Uninsured Population of 40 Million People.  But also Raise Costs

Fifth : Many Hospitals Will Close due to No Patient Payment.  No Medicare, Medicaid ,ACA , Or Hospital Charity .This is How Hospitals are Mostly Funded and Survive. By these 3 Programs. Thus Creating Unemployment For Medical Workers also. 

So You Ask What Can I Do to Stop. This ? Four  Steps : 

1. Get Involved in Your  Community By Calling, Visiting and Writing All Elected Officials.  At All Levels :  Local, State, and Federal Level.  As All will and Must be involved as this is A Huge Problem.  

2. Contact Media Print Radio TV. Write Letters to The Editor. 

3.Take To Social Media.  Facebook Twitter YouTube and Share Information on this. Use the # #ProtectOurCare when talking about it.  

4. Join and Support Coalitions on This.

So My Friends Its Not Just We The Uninsured who suffer Now.Myself and Amy Rodriguez  (Both Pictured Below ) Tirelessly Advocate on This. And Really We Don’t Want Anyone Else to Suffer  like We Do. If Changes are made to the current. System some of You may too. Or Someone You know. The Choice Is Yours America To #ProtectOurCare ! Or Do nothing and let people suffer.  

So Please All Have A Safe  Happy New Year From Me and All of Us at #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact.  See You Next Year.

Because America We Need You to Help Us #ProtectOurCare in 2017 

Thank You 

God Bless 

Memes and Logo  By Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Facebook Twitter : Fred Christian @FredChristian10 @fredchristian13 #ExpandMedicaidNow 
Art in Paintings By :  Thresa BrownGold of Art As A Social Inquiry 

Photos By Amy Rodriguez 


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