We At #ExpandMedicaidNow Are Not Going Away KOCH BROTHERS and ALEC !


My Friends this Weekend was a bad set back as the Fl House Overwhelmingly shot down our dream of seeing #ExpandMedicaidNow #CloseTheGap happen by a 72 to 41 Vote in The Florida State House after being Successfully passed by the Fl Senate in BiPartisan Fashion a rarity in these times.
We got to at least get a hearing so maybe we may see this happen. But it should have happened in my opinion.
Who Are they you may ask? Charles and David Koch are the Sons of an Oil Dynasty Texaco they also sell Cottonelle and Charmin Angel Soft Tissue and other paper products. They own media companies.
Their goal is a radical anti Government one. They are NOT Typical Pro Business GOP. They are Libertarian Radicals with a dangerous agenda.
What is ALEC ? The American Legislative Extange Commission – A Pro Business anti labor Lobbying effort by major corporations in The US.
These two groups paired with Americans For Prosperity A Koch Funded lobbying agency killed Healthcare for the poor in Fl by buying a State Legislature and Governor.
I sit along with my friends Amy and Gen Rodriguez Uninsured today along with 1 Million Uninsured in Fl. Thanks to them.
But i intend to keep speaking out and will expose the injustice done by these people !
Not only is our chance at having dignity with healthcare at risk but our Whole Way of Life as Americans  is at Risk with this agenda that intends to Stop Free Speech and Assembly and Circumvents Election Laws ! Its up to you i for one AM NOT GOING  AWAY ! You Will See #ExpandMedicaidNow / #CloseTheGap Until All Are Insured !
I have to question why when HealthyFl was a Free Market approach to #ExpandMedicaidNow they rejected it ? Money would have been made and taxes maybe lowered ! Why more hate of President Obama?  Please Enough of the hate people die daily without healthcare and I PESONALLY AM SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING PEOPLE SICK SUFFERING AND DYING NEEDLESSLY!
So Guess What ALEC AFP and yes YOU Charles and David Koch – I AND #ExpandMedicaidNow Are NOT GOING AWAY WE WILL EXPOSE AND DEFEAT YOUR INHUMANE ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE POOR and UNINSURED  ! Because #Poverty #PoorLivesMatter #ALLivesMatter and #CloseTheGap #ExpandMedicaidNow Must Happen for it is the Humane and Right thing regardless of Ideology or money #ALLivesMatter at the end of the day ! Thank You God Bless

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2 thoughts on “We At #ExpandMedicaidNow Are Not Going Away KOCH BROTHERS and ALEC !”

  1. Fred Christian this is an excellent and well written post! If I may add an s additional comment if not a prayer itself as we go into the rest of this month of June!
    As your article explains #ExpandMedicaidNow is extremely important to the lives of many Floridians including my own family members who live in Lake City,FL SCOTUS is getting to rule on the very core of #OBAMACARE which involves its subsidies that affect over 6 MILLION Americans. That’s 1 out of 3 of us everywhere!
    Your main cause is Florida & that’s as it should be! Just for a moment I’d like to send a thought out there for all of us who are first time people who have insurance thanks to the ACA & all its given the American People!
    From preventative health screening to Affordable Care that doesn’t leave many of us waiting to go to the doctor when we know we should! For not letting insurance companies discriminate for being born with a disability that was called a pre-existing condition. For instance being born female!!
    Thank you for fighting for all the Floridians they need people like you! I’m super proud of you & am proud to call you friend!
    Tina Tillman


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