How Many

My Friends I Am Both Saddened and Inspired by the Events in Parkland Florida. Approximately 25 Miles North of My Home in Miami Gardens Fl.

I Am Sickened and Saddened by The Loss of Life at Marjory Stoneman High School. But inspired by Young Activists Emma Gonzalez and David.Hogg. They are Our Future and We must listen to Them and Now. Guns Wound Kill and Destroy Lives Forever.

So I Wrote A Poem For the First Time in 23 Years

The Title is : HOW MANY

Dedication To : #Parkland #SutherlandSprings #LasVegas #Pulse #SandyHook And All who lost someone to A Gun

How Many Tears Must We Cry

How Many Times Must We Say Goodbye

When Someone We Love Dies

How Many Times Must We Sigh

And Want To Cry

How Many Kids Must Die

How Many Moms and Dads Will.Cry

How Many Americans Will Cry


When Someone They Love Dies

Too Many Tears

Too Many Fears

Too Few Years

How Many Will Say #Enough

How Many Will Rise Up

And Say


Before Our Future Dies

Before It Begins

How Many



America I Hope This Inspires Change ? Do You Want Our Kids To Live? Change Must Happen Life is Too Precious. I Have a Meme I made of The Poem Enclosed in the Blog Feel Free to Share It Please. (BELOW)

Before I Go Thank you Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg Your Courage Gives This Advocate Hope and Inspiration.

Thank You God Bless

Memes By Blog Author and Founder of Of #Impact Fred Christian who can be Found At


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