#Impact 2018 Save The #SafetyNet America

My Friends So Glad To be back writing this blog again in 2018 after some much needed down time.

So Let’s begin I recently Decided after last year to improve Our advocacy. We No longer are #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact but Now #Impact . We Still Will intend to advocate For All to Have Access to Quality Affordable #Healthcare. But many need help so We expand what We do.

We Begin 2018 with Trump still in Power – UGH !! Now emboldened by a Tax Cut That will Doom The Hard Working Americans and Middle Class. Pure Robber Barons. The Rich Got A Cash Grab.

In order to Pay for this ….We All know the money must come from somewhere.

Where You Ask…? Well The Safety Net of Course !!

For Those Uninformed The SAFETY NET


These Cuts Will Doom Those who have No Voice such as The Elderly The Working Poor and Disabled. Many depend on these programs to make their lives better. The idea of The SAFETY NET was to give people dignity.

For example Social Security Created by President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1933 as Part of The New Deal. The Reason The Old Deserve dignity.

Dignity is what these programs provide. Yet Many GOP and Trump in their ignorance and greed want to kick The Old Poor Sick and Disabled to the Curb . All this to appease 1 Percent of Americans who are wealthy !! Just Disgusting, Pathetic and UnAmerican . Yes UnAmerican .

We Are A Better People than this. To Let the Elderly, Working Poor, Disabled and Those struggling to Survive Suffer is Inhumane.

How will they Suffer ?

Cuts To or Eliminating #SocialSecurity Puts Senior Citizens and The Disabled on The Street.

Cuts To or Eliminating #Medicare #MEDICAID and #PartD and #THEACA #OBAMACARE

Mean the Elderly, Poor and Disabled Have No Access To Regular Primary Doctors or Specialists. Because many are Too Poor to Afford It They Will Not Be able to Afford their Medicines. I know this personally I Live it as an Uninsured person in Florida. I can testify to what a backwards Creul Political Ideology does to the sick and poor. Plus it too will put people on the street if cut or eliminated.

Cuts To or Eliminating #AFDC #WIC #FOODSTAMPS and #SECTION8

Mean The Poor Elderly and Disabled Will Not Eat !! And will starve to Death !! Or Be Homeless without Section 8 which pays rent.

These programs contrary to myth Are Not Hand Outs. They Save Lives. That is their purpose.

So America What kind of Nation Do You Want ? One That Forces it’s old, sick, and poor onto the street To eventually Die !! Die Homeless Sick and Hungry ? ….If THE Cuts Come That Will Happen !! Fact is it’s happening now but many do NOT Notice. Why because it’s NOT THEM !

RIGHT NOW 6 IN 10 AMERICANS HAVE Less Than $500.00 in Savings For Emergency. These Cuts Will devastate them.

But Guess what it Could be You, Your Neighbors, Co Workers or Family. Members. Or It Could be You !!

Or Do You want to Fight to Save The #SafetyNet Because You or someone you know may need it ??

Your Choice America

I Say Protect The Safety Net !! So The Elderly, Disabled and Poor Have Dignity. Leaving You with a Few memes to look at and think about…

Thank You God Bless

Memes By Blog Author and Founder of #Impact Fred Christian who can be Found At


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