Facebook Is Censoring Me !! 

My Friends I Am going through a Rough Time . Personally and As an Advocate.  In The Past 2 Weeks  FACEBOOK has Suspended Me From Sharing to Groups. It Started when I Shared A Blog or tried to on September 19, 2017 . I Got A Notification From Facebook Stating : 

Your Account is Suspended For 1 Week For Sharing to Groups The Reason My Blog was Reported As SPAM.

The Blog Titled : A Few Good Reasons To.Have Healthcare. Can be Found on this site. 

My Work is NOT SPAM FACEBOOK and Mark Zuckeberg.  I Am A Certified Advocate from Catalyst Miami #PLTI Parent Leadership Training Institute . I have been An Advocate on Social Media both FACEBOOK and Twitter over 5 years. I can Speak Publicly on Healthcare. I am A real Person Not A Robot. Yet I am in FACEBOOK JAIL, and IT SUCKS !! Here is Why 

Two Weeks Later Suspended Again By Facebook.  Same thing Posting SPAM for this meme on Colin Kapernick and Free Speech (See Below)

Then Two Weeks Later Again Suspended by Facebook For Posting this meme To Groups. My own I Own and Created.  On Healthcare and #SCHIP. (State Children’s Health Insurance Program). Below

 Now You Tell Me How Am i Supposed to Advocate  ??? When You Cut My Legs Off Facebook?? I am a member in Good Standing of over 100 Groups . I post to 40 of them daily .  Tell me How A Maximum amount of People Can be Informed when you Censor Me ?? Tell Me How I can advocate For the Sick or Poor to Help them without Maximum Views ?? 

I Founded the Facebook Page ExpandMedicaidNow Impact To Help others. We have over 1,100 Likes and Follows. But when you do what I do you need more people to see so Positive Change Happens. We got over 6,000 Views a few times on Memes and Posts. Progress in terms of Our Goal of All Insured and Growing the message. But Now Regress. On Social Media IT’s All About The Views. One Fake News Site made $10,000.00.Per month based on Views. Yet We as Factual Truthful Advocates and Activists suffer and get suspended.  And We Work For Free !!

But it is Not Just Me . Several Liberal Democrats have been suspended for posting items Deemed Spam by Facebook.  The Censorship by  Facebook  has and Will have A Chilling Effect On Advocates and Activists.  If We Can Not Message Change does not happen . In My case as a Healthcare Advocate People Will Die. 

Yes I did Call The ACLU. They will contact me if they can help. But Social Media must change. We Advocates and Activists should not be censored or defamed. 

I ask All who read this to help me find a way if Facebook stops me so I can continue. 

How Can I help My Friends Amy and Genesis Rodriquez both again now need access to Affordable Quality #Healthcare.  How Can i help the Poor Sick Disabled and #Uninsured  ?? If You Can Not Share to All who will listen and Help ?? Please tell Me Mark Zuckeberg  ?? 

The Answer You Can Not if an Algorhythm,  or anonymous people , or bots with agendas stop you. 

So My Friends I ask You and America to PLEASE HELP ME ? And All Activists and Advocates . I leave you with two memes below are They SPAM AMERICA ??

Thank You 

God Bless 

Memes By Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Fred Christian who can be Found At 


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