Disaster Recovery  ?? 

My Friends a lot has happened due to 3 Hurricanes Harvey, Irma,and Maria. First I want to Dedicate This Blog To :

The People of Puerto RicoMy Puerto Rican  Friends:  Amy Rodriquez Gen Rodriquez Stephany Matos Luis Pagan Leissla Vanessa Rodriquez Janette Lopez Linda Long and several others from Puerto Rico or who have Friends and Family there.

We had 3 Hurricanes hit Us. First in Texas. #HurricaneHarvey  Second in Florida #HurricaneIrma . Just Recently #HurricaneMaria 

The Response by Government Officials was poor in The cases of #HurricaneIrma and #HurricaneMaria . 

We Shall Start in Florida with Hurricane Irma Many still without Power in Rural Areas. Such.as Immokolee Fl. An agricultural town. There. Was and are rumblings of Others not getting power restored because of Zip Code. I can attest to this personally. 

The Apartment Community I Live in.has 23 Buildings over 300 Units. 6 Buildings went 8 days after #HurricaneIrma without Power While 17 got power back in one day..This Was not Good as many Senior Citizens live there. It is an Over 62 Independent Living Complex. Senior Citizens Should Not have to suffer an injustice like this. I had to personally do a Well being Check on A Neighbor. Called 911 and she is ok. 

The Local officials From the City of Miami Gardens, State and National Officials  did a great job for 3 days distributing Water, Food and Ice. After We Advocates asked for help.  Thank You to Them and Red Cross United Way who pitched in until power was rrstored. Complex Management and Staff did an Outstanding Job organizing and helping out those in need. Personally Delivering Ice Food Water to those who needed it.

But it should not have come to this. Power to My Community and a few others should. Have been restored Immediately.  It was not. What happened in Hollywood Fl at a nursing home. 11 dead due to Heat and No Power after the storm. Was A wake up call. I as an Advocate made calls did Facebook Live and helped with other neighbors to avert a Tradgedy in my Community.  

One Local official Who Visited asked me. Who I blame.  I said Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez Florida Governor Rick Scott and FPL. In Short All 3 dropped the ball My Community should have been on THE LIST.  A List of Priority in terms of who gets power restored. I hope next time they do better. Senior Citizens deserve Better.

These storms have made people sick. I have one friend who was Hospitalized with asthma. Because of No Power For her Breathing Machine. My Friend Genesis Rodriquez got sick and still is not well due to Respiratory and Asthma Issues from having No Power.  So Priorities Must Change So The Sick and old do not die. As the after effects are worse sometimes than the actual storm

 Now look at Poor Puerto Rico.  It is a mess and President Trump could care less. It should not have taken days to Lift the JONES  ACT – A TRADE TARIIF.  Puerto Rico is A U.S. Territory.  It’s Residents ate Citizens.  They deserve Our Respect. Puerto Rico has 3 Million People.  They Need :

1. Food

2. Water
3. Ice 

4 Power and Cell Stations Fixed and Soon. 

I agree with retired General U.S. Army Russell Honoree who recommended Evacuations of All people to The United States.  This is best so if you have a relative or Friend in Puerto Rico  Please Help Them. You Too Can help. Here is How

 Please Donate to Red Cross and United Way to Help also. 

But the Powers that be must restore Electric Power soon to all who need it. We All Are #TexasStrong #HoustonStrong #FloridaStrong and #PuertoRicoStrong 

Thank You God Bless 

Memes By Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Fred Christian who can be Found At 

Facebook Fred Christian 

ExpandMedicaidNow Impact Page 

Twitter @FredChristian10 and @fredchristian13 #ExpandMedicaidNow 

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