A Mothers Fight to #ExpandMedicaidNow Part IV The Advocate Moms 

My Friends Today I want to Tell you about two courageous Women Karen M. Clay and Amy Rodriquez.  Both are Moms But both are also also very passionate advocates.  Not Just in the Community but at The State and National Level too. Both have advocated at The State Capitol Tallahasee, and in Washimton D.C. Meeting with Legislators to better society for those who really need it.

I have blogged about my Friend Amy Rodriquez and Her hard work to #ExpandMedicaidNow for her daughter Genesis Rodriquez.  But She not only advocates for Genesis but herself too. Amy is Uninsured and has a painful neurological disorder called Fibromyalgia.  Many days she is suffering in pain. But on She fights so others can have a better life. 

But She is Not alone Karen Clay too is a Great Advocate. She Is The head of ADAPT an Advocacy organization for the Disabled. She right now is helping Us to #SaveMedicaid so her Son Michael Phillips who is Disabled can receive Care at Home from her, and Not go into a Facility where his care will not be as good. 

There is An Old Saying:

Listen To Your Mother.

  • Well sadly and Actually Factually members of the U.S.  GOP SENATE and House didn’t  They are Cold Hearted and willing to and have Arrested Protestors in WheelChairs. This is Disgusting, Creul, and Inhumane.  

But.Two Moms Are Leading the Charge to Change things in Our Natiom. Amy Rodriquez and Karen M Clay.  Both showing that We As A Nation Need to Show Love and Compassion for Our Sick and Disabled.  Amy by Holding A Sign wherever she can with her Daughter Genesis Rodriquez Face on it. The Text Reads :

   I Have Cronic Lung Disease Please #ExpandMedicaidNow 

  I.will post the pictures of Amy and her advocacy as Well as One of Mucheal Phillips – Karen M Clay’ s Son who is disabled. (PICTURED BELOW)  I want you all to study and think.not just about Healthcare but how We As A Nation Treat each other. 

I also if you have not done so yet ask you to Please Watch : The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell where Ari Melber interviews both Karen M Clay and Michael Phillips.  It is Very Moving and will teach you something 

Amy and Karen Show Love, Tolerance and Compassion.  Do You America ? Will You Rise Up to Stop This wave of Hate and Intolerance towards those who can not fight back. ?

The Choice is Yours America 

Thank You 

God Bless 

Photos In Memes By Amy Rodriquez And MSNBC

Pictured in Photo With Amy Rodriquez Fl State Senator Dwight Bullard (D).and U.S. Rep Fredrica Wilson (D)

ART IN MEMES BY Thresa BrownGold aka T PussiArtist BG of Art As A Social Inquiry 

Memes By Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Fred Christian who can be Found At See Meme Below Please 


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