#SaveMedicaid America Because #DisabledLivesMatter

My Friends I have a few thoughts on The GOP attempt to Dismember #Medicaid.  As You all know i.am #Uninsured That is Why I do this so No one suffers like i have. Medicaid Expansion would help me and those I Advocate For greatly. But if Medicaid is Cut it won’t happen

So I want to dedicate this Blog to A Very Special Group of People. The Disabled Community. Especially All those arrested by Capitol Police while protesting. And also Karen M. Clay and her Son Mucheal Phillips who articulated well on An interview with The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.  Guest Hosted by Ari Melber. You Are All My Heroes and an Inspiration to me as a Disabled Advocate.  

So We now begin. Yes the GOP is At it again. They actually sank lower into the sewer this time. They want #TrumpCare and #TaxCuts For The Wealthy to succeed so bad that they will gut Traditional Medicaid.  

Who Does This Affect ? 

1. Senior Citizens 

2. Senior Citizens and Anyone in A Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facilaty. 

3 The Disabled Community and Their Caregivers **If Home Care For the Disabled is Eliminated many Disabled will have No where to go. Thus ruining their Quality of Life. Plus Medicaid provides OutPatient Services for the Disabled. 

4.  PUBLIC COMMUNITY HOSPITALS: They get 1/3 to 1/6 of Revenue from Medicaid The ACA and Medicare.  Thus meaning Your Hospitals will close, refuse Service if You are Uninsured or Close Community Health Clinics. 

5. New Mom’s and Their Children. 

Now I will give you some examples in Human Terms 

 My Friend Genesis Rodriquez who has chronic Lung Disease and recently had a baby. Without Medicaid which until Pregnant she went without she almost died. Medicaid saved her life by getting her proper Medications thus allowing her to give birth with one functioning lung to a healthy Daughter. 

But Now She her daughter and other Moms and Kids are at risk. No reason for it Putting a flawed Plan and tax cuts before human health and safety is disgusting. 
Michael Phillips A young 20 something  year old Disabled man. Who due to his disabilaties is on a Stretcher and  can not speak . He depends on a Computer to act as a voice for him. He depends on Home Care from his Mother Karen M Clay. A Great Advocate for him and other disabled people. And his brother Brian Clay. Without Medicaid Michael would not be home. He. Would be in a Facility and I guarantee his level of Care would not be as good as what his Mom and Brother give him. 
Amy Rodriquez is the Mom of Genesis Rodriquez.  She is an advocate and The Community Liason For Our Future org #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact.  Amy is Uninsured and suffers in Pain from Fibromyalgia daily. It is debilitating to her. 

My self as a Disabled Adult who has been #Uninsured over 30 years. 

Plus My 100 Year old Grandmother who is in an Assisted Living Facilaty. The Cost is paid by Medicaid.  

 Plus All those Disabled people confining to Protest these Brutal Heartless cuts to Medicaid.  Many in Wheelchairs. 

Did it bother any of You that They Actually Physically Removed these advocates from their wheelchairs while protesting  ? And Arrested them for doing something that they are legally allowed to do ? Yes Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly it’s Called Sen McConnell  (R) and Speaker Ryan (R). It’s in something you clung to Called The U.S. Constitution.  Yet you act like you never read it by arresting those who protest against you and your inhumane cuts.

Cuts To #Medicaid and #TheACA #ObamaCare are like it’s replacement #TrumpCare It is #Deathcare And A #KillerBill.  

So For All Out There You have My Support And I SAY : #DisabledLivesMatter as Do #UninsuredLivesMatter We Must #SaveMedicaid #SaveOurCare #ProtectOurCare #TheACA #ObamaCare #Medicaid #Medicare #PrescriptionDrugs #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact and Say No To #TrumpCare It is #Deathcare And A #KillerBill 

So America Are You proud that Your Senate and Congress want to kick the Old, Poor, Sick, and Disabled to the Curb ? Or Can You Finally Rise Up and Say Enough to Sen McConnell, Speaker Ryan, #Trump and Governor Rick Scott and his like minded sick money loving cronies before it kills us All and Maybe you or someone you know or Love. Because All Life is Precious . 

I am going to post a few memes below for you to see who this affects.

They Will Be Michael Phillips Genesis Rodriquez Amy Rodriquez and Myself 

**Special Thank You to Amy Rodriquez Genesis Rodriquez Karen M Clay Michael Phillips and Brian Clay. Plus All who are Fighting this you are My Heroes. God Bless You 

Photos In Memes By 

Amy and Genesis Rodriquez 

The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell 

Art. By Threasa BrownGold aka T PussiArtist BG of Art As A Social Inquiry 

Memes By Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact 

Fred Christian 

Who can be Found At:


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