A Mothers Fight to #ExpandMedicaidNow Part 3 #SaveMedicaid 

My Friends Good News to start with. Congratulations to My Friend Genesis Rodriquez on the birth of Your daughter. Because of this Genesis Is Finally insured through #Medicaid.  

However We Again have a problem. The Republican led U.S.  Congress and Senate want to end Medicaid as a Program. We As Americans can and Must not Let This happen. This will cause an estimated 32 to 51 Million People Will Be #Uninsured. 

The Policy affects New Mom’s like Genesis.  They will Not have Medicaid while carrying the child. And The Children will not be covered. Meaning Once A Baby is born unlike now it is Uninsured. 

No Child or Adult should go through what Genesis has. Losing part of 1 Lung in Surgery due to Chronic Lung disease at age 17. Having to take Claritin and Cough Syrup to stay alive. The reason being was Florida Did Not #ExpandMedicaidNow.  Leaving her in peril for 2 Plus years. Genesis needed Medicaid but did not have the income to pay for it. She Fell into the Medicaid Coverage Gap : Where If You make below $12,500.00 Per year You automatically qualify for Medicaid. 

Because Florida along with 18 States did not #ExpandMedicaidNow.  Genesis along with myself and 1 Million others in Florida suffer today

 But Genesis and I are not alone. An important member of Genesis’s Family her Mom Amy Rodriquez suffers too Uninsured. Amy being the Warrior Advocate she is Fights Daily for the sick and Uninsured like her.  She doesn’t want Genesis or Any Mom to go without Healthcare like she does. And as a Proud New Grandmother She is ready to Fight to #SaveMedicaid #SaveOurCare #ProtectOurCare 

This is disgusting to do this to new moms babies and Their families. I am sickened by it. Genesis and her Child deserve Better than this. But Trump Ryan and McConnell could care less. They are like their friend Florida Governor Rick Scott  (R). It’s.Power Money and a dangerous deadly ideology before the safety of their people. 

We Must decide what We As A Nation Want for ourselves. A better world for our children. That is Why I do this. That is Why Amy does this. Often times Amy is holding a sign in protest while in Physical pain from Fibromyalgia.  But the Warrior Advocate Mom #KeepFIghting For All The sign a Pucture of Genesis. I will post it in this blog. I want all who read this to think about it and act on it. This is No Game anymore people and kids really may die this time America 

Do You Want That ?

Thank You God Bless 

Memes By Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Fred Christian who can be Found below 

Art in Memes by : Threasa BrownGold aka T.Pussi BG. Of Art As A Social Inquiry 

Photos in Memes By Amy Rodriquez and Genesis Rodriquez 


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