My Friends The Title of This Blog was inspired by Today’s Events in Washington D.C. The Shooting of U.S. Rep Steve Scailese (R) La. 

We Must Learn to #AgreeToDisagree. Believe me I am Sad, Angry,  and Pissed Off many days at The Direction of Our Nation. I Am No Fan of The Tea Party, Governor Rick Scott, The GOP CONGRESS  AND SENATE or President TRUMP. In There Are InFact Very few To No GOP ideas I like or support. But to Want to harm others is Out of Bounds. Trust me I would rather inspire you to action on Healthcare #ExpandMedicaidNow or Poverty than this But as an Advocate I have to defend what we do on Social Media 

 See My Meme Right Here And The One Below It 

My Meme Below Is Our Way that I personally and as Our Future org #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Advocate. We and I personally Do Not Support The Use of Violence.  

The Rise of Hate and Violence  on Social Media is Not Needed. Yes Trump is A Jerk and Must Be Impeached !! In My opinion

Before one of His ideas kills someone or many of Us. 

But to Post Threats is Awful and ruins the good advocates like myself do. We Must Learn to #AgreeToDisagree before we post. Thought and Kindness beat Trump Ryan Scott and Co. Not Anger and Hate. They want us divided. That serves their purpose. Ours is to Peacefully Unite and Stop Their Reign of Hate towards Workers, Women The Poor and Sick. 

My Org #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Never has and Never Will Tolerate Hate and Violence. As A Fan of MLK I follow his model of Non Violence and outsmarting your opponents.  This is the Way to Proceed America Not like Today in D.C. 


So My Friends We Must Learn to #AgreeToDisagree And That Goes For The GOP as Well as They Have angered many. We need Better Angels and to #AgreeToDisagree not. Hate 

Think about it 

Thank You God Bless 

Memes By Blog Author and #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Founder Fred Christian who can be Found At 


One thought on “#AgreeToDisagree”

  1. Fred, I’m in TOTAL AGREEMENT on what you have said here! I wish there were others who would express the same sentiments as I have said the same things myself in different places throughout the internet myself! As I get ready to write my Weekly blog this week I was thinking about a topic in which to write on & if you don’t mind I just may follow your lead!
    The only other thing that had gotten my goat other than the lack of empathy on this subject was the GOP sounding out their rage on gun violence when this happened to them when they were virtually silent when Sandy Hook & the Night Club disaster happened! Both took many innocent lives away yet there is only outrage when a main member of their Party almost gets mortally wounded does someone say they have had “Enough”! Well anyhow I do echo your words my friend! Thank you once again for your taking your words & letting them out! You are indeed an inspiration once again!
    Tillman Talks Politics


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