We Must #FixHealthcare 

My Friends i am enthused for once something finally worked when it comes to Healthcare.  First A Huge Thank you to All Advocates and Activists who worked Hard Fighting to #ProtectOurCare #SaveOurCare.  In  Regards to Congress Trying to #Repeal and #Replace #TheACA #ObamaCare.  Myself and #TheUninsured and The #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Team Say THANK YOU !! 

But There is Still Work to be Done. We Have to Fix Holes in #TheACA #ObamaCare.  We must keep It Affordable and Accessible For All.Providers Should stop bailing on The Sick !! States Must Step Up too to stop this. 

Second Our Cause at #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Medicaid Expansion.  Good Nrws The State of  Kansas Decided to Finally #ExpandMedicaidNow For its pooest citizens giving them Dignity and #Healthcare access.  But 18 States Refuse to #ExpandMedicaidNow still. We must #FixHealthcare by Getting these States to #ExpandMedicaidNow.  Myself and Amy Rodriguez  (Pictured Above ) both are prime examples of How the Uninsured suffer.

***For Information on My Story see on This site : My Healthcare Journey Pre and Post Petition 

*** For Information on Amy Rodriguez Story See A Mothers Fight To #ExpandMedicaidNow Part 1 and 2 

We must Stop the Heartlessness ! Too many suffer sick, get sicker, and die !! Due to Lack of Access to Doctors and Affordable Medicines.  Thete are 8 Million Uninsured Currently in America in 18 States.  1 Million alone in Fl where Amy and I Live.We must #FixHealthcare and Solve The Problem.  

Plus Add In Mental Health Treatment which Congress Tried to Cut. Very Simple If People Have Access to #Healthcare Options Less Crime or Violent Outcomes or Tradgedies Occur. Plus Those Who Suffer Can be Productive Members of Society.  Who Can Contribute to it. 

Plus Lets Take VA Care and Provide Our Veterans Better Access and Quality 

Finally A Third Problem that must be Fixed . Rising Prescription Medications.  Gteat to get see a Doctor, but if you can’t afford The Medications He / She Prescribed then What ?? Again you suffer sick, get sicker and Die !! 

As Advocates and Activists We have Work to do but America We need Your Help to do this. The Actions You Took Fighting To #SaveTheACA #ProtectOurCare Was Huge  !! As Memes Below Say We Won but Thete is Work to do 


So I ask All Advocates in America to Help Us Get this Done.If We :

1. Successfully #ExpandMedicaidNow in The 18 States that refuse to.

2. Stop The Greed of Providers and Insurers 


4. Transition From #TheACA #ObamaCare to #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll System

This Must Be Our Mission We Must #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact #CloseTheFlGap For All !! Then We Can Have A system in Place For #SinglePayer #Healthcare Are You With Me America Together We Can Get This Done  !! 

Thank you 

God Bless 
Memes By Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Fred Christian 

Art Painting in Memes By Threasa BrownGold of Art As A Social Inquiry 

Photo By Amy Rodriguez 

Fred Christian Can Be Found At 


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