We Are Just Sick No Insults Please 

My Friends I Am  Angry Today after I saw a Commercial on TV calling Sick  People :”System Gainers” We Are Not That We just need help. I Pictured myself (Abovez) and Amy Rodriguez (Above) to Ilustrate Who Will Lose When Cuts Happen !  Because We are sick . And  Disabled We Require more help and tbat comes many times from The Local, State, and Federal Government ! In our case as sick people It comes in the Form of #Medicaid #Medicare #TheACA The Affordable Care Act #ObamaCare 

All of Which are Under Seige by President Trump (R) and U.S. House Speaker Ryan (R) . Which is why We now as Sick People are being called : “System Gainers” , and “FreeLoaders” !  Just Disgusting to Pick on The Sick and Poor ! We Are A Better People Than That America ! 

How Did We Get Here and What is Next ? 

First The Affordable Care Act #ACA #ObamaCare Is Under Attack by those listed above. With #Repeal and #Replace ? 

Who Loses with #Repeal and #Replace ?  

30 Million People who Were Previously Uninsured Due to PreExisting Health Conditions. Finally Got Access to Quality Affordable Healthcare and it Saved Lives !

8 Million Currently Uninsured Due To 18 States Refusing to #ExpandMedicaid !  The States : FL, GA, AL, MS, TX, SC, NC, VA, TN. KS, MO, ME, OK, NE  ID are the ones witn tne bulk of the Uninsured in America. ! Thus the # #CloseTheGap For those who fall into the Medicaid Gap in Florida. And #ExpandMedicaidNow My org used to promote Medicaid Expansion Nationally ! 

** Authors Note I Am One of 1 Milliion Uninsured in Florida along with My Friend Amy Rodriquez (Pictured Above) Thanks to Our Governor (R) Rick Scott We The Uninsured Stand to Lose alot ! In Amy’s Case She Is A Social Worker working Hard daily who needs a little help as Do I ! Many are like Us Suffering Silently ! Yet They Plan to Take away Healthcare and Insult You while doing it ! 

Bad Enough to take away Healthcare From Millions ! But to Belittle hard working people like Amy and Myself is Disgusting ! That is A Double Insult and Injustice ! That is why I pictured Us to show Who Really Will lose When #Repeal and #Replace Happens 

Some Thoughts Below on This By Me 

“We The Uninsured Did Not Want To Be Born Sick or Disabled or Get Sick Later On in Life ”

“We The Uninsured and Sick Work Hard Our Problem is We Don’t Make Enough Money to Buy Insurance ”

“No One Wants to Be Sick Who Is Sick !” 

“Who In Their Right Mind Would Want To Be Sick And Possibly Die ?”

“What Did We Who Are Sick Do To You ?”

“Why Do You Hate Us ?”

Now What Happens When #Repeal and #Replace Happoens :

1. HOSPITALS Allready Overloaded Now Close or Refuse Treatment ! 

How Can They Do This  ? The Law Called Baker Kerry (Hospital Charity) ** LIP LOW INCOME POOL FUNDS GO AWAY ! 

Plus Local Public Health Clinics Close as part of their Funds come from this also. 

Thus No Trauma Centers Either As Funds Go Away too !  Good Luck Accident Victims , Crime Victims, and The Injured ! 

Currently Hospitals Can Not Be A Primary Care Physician. Yet many use a Hospital like this now ! It Will Be Worse With #Repeal #Replace ! Many Will Die ! 

Had Medicaid Expansion happened People would be covered ! But Due to Pettiness over Costs And Ideology ** See Meme above ! We now Face a Huge Mess ! One where many Will get Sick, Sicker , Suffer, and YES DIE NEEDLESSLY ! 

So America I ask You This Question : 

Wbat is More Important to You Saving Lives ? Or Saving Money ? The reason For The Cuts to #TheACA #ObamaCare #Medicaid #Medicare #PrescriptionDrugs is to Save Money. 

The Way they Aim to do it is Vouchers For All Above Programs. 

Not A Good IDEA ! Why You Ask ? 

Say You Get A $1,200.00 Voucher and You have Cancer, are in An Accident, Have Mental Health Isssues or Chronic Illness for example. 

What Happens If You are one of the above examples and Your Money Runs Out ? 

A : You Get Sick, Sicker, Suffer, and Die ! A Needless Painful Death ! 

Yes The Death Panels Are Real And  Named : Ryan, McConnell, Trump, and Rick Scott ! 

Finally Thank You to All Advocates, Activists, Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Workers who Figbt For Us ! Thank You to All who Stood on the streets and Sidewalks , atteneded Town Halls and Fought to #ProtectOurCare   #CloseTheFlGap #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact  

You Are Our Heroes ! You want We The Sick Insured and  Uninsured to Have Dignity and Live ! To Me Healthcare is Both A Human Right and Civil Right ! Is it To You America ! Are you prepared to Die witnout Medicine or Healtbcare ? Like  many Will Potentially sadly due to this Foolishbess  

Its Your Choice America Life or Death  ! Not just Yours  but that of Your Friends, Neighbors, Co Workers, Family and Yourself Too ! But Please Give The Sick #Dignity With Medicine, Doctors, and No Hate ! 

Thank You 

God Bless 

Art In Memes By Tbreasa BrownGold aka T.PussiArtist of Art As A Social Inquiry 

Photo Amy RodrIquez

Memes By Blog Author And Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Fred Christian #ExpandMedjcaidNow #Impact Facebook @FredChristian10 @Fredchristian13 #ExpandMedicaidNow Fred Christian YouTube ​


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