AMERICA The Way To Win Are Peace Unity and Intellegence  Not Violence 

My Friends I am Very pleased to see people finally stepping up and speaking out. The Changes proposed to Our Healthcare System #TheACA #ObamaCare #Medicaid #Medicare #PrescriptionDrugs #CivilRights #Justice and #Immigration #FightFor15 #RaiseTheWage are happening Way too Fast . At A Dangerous Rate. 

U.S.House Speaker Paul Ryan  (R)  U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell  (R) and U.S. President Trump are propsing changes listed above that will break up families – Immigration issues, and Kill You – #ACA #Repeal and #Replace If We Don’t stop them.

Thank You All For going out and Marching Since After the Election.  Our New President Trump didn’t realize he woke A Sleeping Giant. YOU – THE ANERICAN PEOPLE.  

But We must #KeepItUp They will not cave and neither should We . Unless or Until Comprises that help All Come. But that may be a long way off. So Get after them members of : #TheResistance #MoralMondays #RepairersOfTheBreech #Indivisible #FightFor15 #RaiseTheWage #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact #CloseTheFlGap #ProtectOurCare #BlackLivesMatter #Immigration #ImmigrationReformNow #CivilRights #Justice #DisabledLivesMatter #RaiseTheWage 

You are geeting attention and going to Force Positive Change desperately needed by many in Our Nation,  States, And #Communities. 

For Example My Area #Miami #MiamiDadeCounty We marched and Rallied For Weeks. The most recent was on #Immigration and it obviously rattled #MiamiDadeCounty #Mayor #CarlosGimenez  (R) A Trump Supporter and Who refused to Let Immigrants use his County as a Sanctuary.  He sided with President Trump and is rounding up illegal immigrants daily. Yet the irony Mayor Carlos Gimenez is A CUBAN Immigrant himself. 

But Mayor Carlos Gimenez Took offence to Protests outside his office. He Threatened to Jail The Protesters.  But U.S.Rep Keith Ellison (D) Who was with them stopped this. But  Mayor Gimenez kept it up Defaming Local Activist / Organizer Tomas Kennedy himself An Immigrant with a TV radio smear campaign.  The sheer hypocrisy of Carlos Gimenez knows no bounds.  

But Tomas Kennedy set a Great example how to make a point when protesting.He did so calmly and intellegently. This is the idea. Use of Peace and Intelligence. 

The reason is the GOP is now Fearing and rumor mongering that people may become Violent when ACA cuts happen.  So My Request to All is to Keep Calm and Keep Fighting. #Intellegence and #Peaceful Protest are Our Answer !! We must Unite on All Causes and Fronts to Form A Coalition Of Compassion For All.So if You Are A Member of :

#CloseTheFlGap #ProtectOurCare #TheACA #ObamaCare #FightFor15 #BlackLivesMatter #TheResistance #Indivisible #Gunsense #NotOneMore #DisArmHate #HispanicLivesMatter #RaiseTheWage #DisabledLivesMatter #YoungInvincibles #Immigration #ImmigrationReformNow Coalitions 

Lets All of Us Concerned Citizens new to Civic engagement,Activists and Advocates in The Streets and OnLine Join Together As A United Coalition For Peaceful Changes and Progress !! To Stop by Peaceful means The Proposed Regression.   .  The other side wants and seeks Division and Violence.  Their mentality Is Simple : DIVIDE AND CONQUER .SO By being Unified in Our Opposition We destroy their Goal.So America No Matter What They Call You or Throw At You Use 



3.Keep It Peaceful Always 

I Hope and Intend to Be Out There America  myself and Will See You There But PLEASE BE PEACEFUL 

Thank you 

God Bless 

Memes  and Logos By : Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Fred Christian on Facebook #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact on Twitter @FredChristian10 @fredchristian13 and YouTube 

Art By Thresa BrownGold of Art As A Social Inquiry 


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