This Advocate Needs Your Help America 

MY Friends i Write Blogs and Advocate to Raise Awareness.  I am Called to Do it. I Love to help others. It gives me great pleasure.  I even advocate for myself as an Uninsured person who is Disabled.  

But Now I Really Do Need All of Your Help and Prayers. Two weeks ago I was Denied My SSI disability by A Judge . Yes i have A Lawyer . Not Sure about An Appeal Yet.i want to and will IF POSSIBLE.  

But Now i Am Faced with No Income, No Healthcare and Medicine Costs of $86.00 For 30 Pills Generic. This is A Triple Whammy !! 

The Judge Failed to Recognize Two Recommendations by Psychologists For Disability.  Plus An Eye exam 

My point being No Matter Who Is In Congress or THE WHITE HOUSE things must change Fast ! My Family Can Not Afford to Wait more Years to Appeal. The System with Disability Is Broken . Happened Since Reagan and Getting Worse. No Reason For A Judge to decide Your Fate !! Isn’t A  Doctors Recomendation Enough ?? It Used to be !! Not Everyone Is A Fraud !! I Am Not !! 

My Job Prospects Are Bleak maybe Grocery bagger again If They Can Hire Me. But will i make enough money to survive.  Probably Not  ! As it is a PART PART TIME POSITION.  

Maybe Online Advocate or Journalist Site ? Need help and Funds . 

Advocate  ? I hope to be in A Course For it 

But If Not this Then What ?? I may one day be homeless.  If i don’t Die First from Not being able to Afford My Asthma Medicines. 

But its not Just Me America  !! And IT ISN’T RIGHT   ! #DisabledLivesMatter Too America  ? Or Do We .? We aren’t Trash you dismiss and discard but Human Beings !! 

Please My Friends Help Me and Pray For Me 

Thank you God BLESS 

Memes By Blog Author And Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Facebook Fred Christian 

@FredChristian10 @fredchristian13 #ExpandMedicaidNow Twitter 

Art In Paintings By Thresa BrownGold Art As As A Social Inquiry #ArtAsASocialInquiry 


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