The Price Of Prescription Medications Is Killing Us 

My Friends We have a few days left before the election.  But One issue is Not going away.  And If Not Fixed it will kill. The Issue The Ridiculously High Price of Prescription Medications.

We at #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact have been advocating on this for months. But For Me It hit Home last week. The Pharmacy I Buy one of My Asthma Medicines From. Winn Dixie closed many of its pharmacies recently.  The Medicine is The Generic Version of Singular.  MONTELUKAST SODIUM. .This cost me $15.00 per 30 Tablets. This was affordable.  Now at 3 Competitors  Publix, CVS, Walgreens. It will cost me $133.00 Per 30 Tablets. Being Uninsured i can Not Afford that. Walgrrens had a discount to $77.00 Per 30 Tablets.  Still Way Too High. I went through alot this week on this. I almost had a Heart Attack from the Shock  of the Price. !! The Stress of Being Uninsured is Too Much  !! This is a Burden No One Insured or Not Should have. 

For Example My Friends Amy Rodriguez and her Daughter Gen Rodriguez Gen has only one Functioning Lung and only 25% Of the other.due to Respiratory Illness. She is Uninsured and in the past  Used Claritin and Cough Syrup. The Reason She can’t afford her Medications They Cost her $10,000.00 Per Month.  Her Mom Amy is Uninsured and  suffers too. 

It is Bad Enough to not be able to see a Doctor.  We The Uninsured do this.But to Go Without Medicine too is Horrible.  And An Instant Death Sentence. It is NOT JUST THE UNINSURED FACING THIS. Our Elderly Face this.As  The deductibles. in Their Insurance Plans Will Not Pay or Be Met. 

It is a Scary proposition going without Healthcare but especially without Medicines. You suffer needlessly.  I Personally Am Scaired. To Death.I hope i can Be Blessed with A Miracle and Can pay for my Medicines Long Term.But because of Greed and Selfishness Many suffer including myself.  

For Example in Fl had Gov Scott decided to take Federal Medicaid Expansion Dollars and #CloseTheFlGap and #ExpandMedicaidNow. Amy Gen and Myself Would have access to Affordable Medicines. So would One Milliion others who are Uninsured ! How about our Elderly Should they suffer too ?  Due to Co Pays and Greed on the Part of Big Pharma  ??  

This Is A Moral Outrage and Injustice.  It Can Happen to Anyone at Any Time. Bad Health and Poverty Do Not Discriminate  !! That is why I wrote this today. We must stop the Greed of Big Pharma.  It Is KILLING US NOT Saving Us. We must #ExpandMedicaidNow #CloseTheFlGap and Insure All. And Put A Cap on The Outrageous Prices. Please If You Read this Do Two Things 


2.Please Share this So All Will Know. 

So America and My Friends this time My Own Life is On The Line. I hope and Pray you will Act. 

Thank you 

God Bless 

Memes  By Blog Author And Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Facebook and Twitter Fred Christian @FredChristian10 @fredchristian13 

Art By Thresa BrownGold of Art As A Social Inquiry 

Photo by Amy Rodriguez ** Pictured With U.S. Rep Fredrika Wilson (D) Fl State Sen Dwight Bullard 


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