Your Vote Will Save Lives My  Thoughts On #Hurricanes #ZikaVirus #DonaldTrump 

MY Eriends Even A Hurricane like #HurricaneMatthew Did Not stop #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact.  Thank The Lord. But my heart goes out to All who lost durung this horrible storm. Which is Where I begin. I gave alot of thought that there are others who are not given any thought to .An Unseen segment of the population who may suffer a Catastrophic Event like A Hurricane. Plus a few thoughts on Mr Trump and #ZikaVirus.  

I am Talking about the #Uninsured. Like myself and Amy Rodriguez . No One Thinks about the Double Whamny of getting hit by a Catastrophic Hurricane, then Getting Hurt Physically from it. If Uninsured it truly is a DOUBLE CATASTROPHIC EVENT. First You May lose property, then an injury occurs or you get sick. Ok For Now Hospital Charity will pay.Next Year that changes,as LIP LOW INCOME POOL FUNDS end. So YOU Face Doctor Bills and other Medical Expenses YOU CAN’T PAY.Thus leading You To Bankruptcy.  A Favorite Tool of GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE #DonaldTrump.  This is a disaster many do not need. First lose your Home Maybe ? Then You are sick or hurt.No Home, No Funds ,No Credit. A disastrous situation.  

But In Florida due to Our Governor #RickScott  (R) Refusing to #ExpandMedicaidNow #CloseTheFlGap We Face a New Public Health Issue. #ZikaVirus.  In addition to #Hurricanes.  Recently A Miami Beach Police Officer Contracted #ZikaVirus. She has Healthcare but is getting a hard time from the City. (HER EMPLOYER). My question is this : What Do We The Uninsured do If We Get #ZikaVirus  ?? We Should Not be in this mess. But Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez knew 8 Months ago and he and Gov Scott both did little early preparations.  They waited and Now People are Sick. Which is A Double Whammy because Gov Scott and Mayor Carlos Gimenez both OPPOSE MEDICAID EXPANSION. So Both are responsible For The illness that needlessly happened. Had they worked to #ExpandMedicaidNow and #CloseTheFlGap at least people could see  a Doctor and Get Well if Infected. But NO THEY CAN’T EVEN DO THAT FOR THEIR PEOPLE. 

Finally #DonaldTrump Yes I  have a few opinions on The #Debates.  Mr Trump is A Bully and A Vulgar  Pig.His Treatment of Women is also how he Treats the Uninsured.  Its All about Him. Not You America. He has a So called Healthcare Plan .This Plan Will return 30 Million People to being Uninsured. Why If You have a Prexisting Condition You are Worthless to is A Healthcare setback our nation doesn’t need. 

Between Scott Gimenez and Trump I Do not know who is worse for the Poor, Sick, and Uninsured.  I support #HillaryClinton  (D) For President as She wants to Fix Our Healthcare system. Not destroy it like Mr Trump.  I also support #RaquelRegalado For Miami Dade County Mayor.  As she is ProActive on #ZikaVirus unlike Mayor Carlos Gimenez. 

We The Uninsured need Help America.  A Vote For #DonaldTrump and #CarlosGimenez will aďd maybe You to The Ranks of Thr Uninsured.  It’s A Good Reason to Vote. Because Misleaders like Trump, Scott, and Gimenez Will make you sick needlessly.  Yes and Maybe even KILL. YOU . 

So the Choice is Up to You My Friends Life with Healthcare this November.  Or Sickness and Death without it . I.Hope you will help Amy Rodriguez, myself  and the 8 Million Uninsured in America.  This November. Your Vote Will #SaveLives America 

Thank you God BLESS 

Memes by Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Facebook /Twitter Fred Christian @FredChristian10 @fredchristian13 

Trump and Mayor Gimenez Photo From Facebook Hillary Clinton Photo Facebook Gov Scott Photo Facebook 

Raquel Regalado Photo Regalado Campaign 


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