10 Great Reasons To Vote For Democrats In November 

My Friends today i am going to give You 10 great reasons to Vote For Democrats. By Elaborating on The above mene. 

1.Minimum Wage : The Democrats support #Unions which Fought For Minimum wage.  And Also Worker Protection and OSHA . (Occupational Safety Health Agency ) to protect workers. 

2.Climate Change is Real and Democrats know it. They admit it and want to solve it. 

3.Social Security Created in 1932 As A Part of The New Deal.To Lift Seniors out of Poverty.  And Give Them A : “Dignified Retirement “.

4.Medicare,Medicaid, and The ACA (Affordable Care Act) aka ObamaCare All created by Democrats to stop illness and Have Healthcare For All.

5. AFDC (Aid To Families With Dependent Childten) WiC,   Food Stamps, designed to Feed The Poor

6. Environmental Protection  Clean Air Clean Water. Through The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency )

7. Civil Rights and Voting Rights 

8. Public Safety  FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency )Gun Safety Legislation : THE BRADY BILL, ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN. 

9.Public Education ,Trade Schools,  Community College And College and Universities. Supported by PELL GRANTS 

10. VETERANS AFFAIRS and The VA (VETERANS ADMINISTRATION ) Designed to assist Our Service Men and Women with healthcare and education. 

Plus FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Designed to Stop Bank Failures. 

All of This My Friends done By Democrats to Bettter America.  I hope i informed you today why the Democratic Party must Get Your Vote in November. 

Thank you 

God Bless 

Memes by Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact – Fred Christian 

Fred Christian Can be Found on Facebook Fred Christian  #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact @FredChristian10 @fredchristian13 #ExpandMedicaidNow Twitter YouTube 


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