10 Great Reasons To Vote For Hillary Clinton 

My Friends i Support Hillary Clinton  (D) For President of The United States Of America. Today i am going to Present tbe reasons 

1. She Is Results Oriented By Her Advocacy work For Women and Children. 

2. Proven Leader : As Arkansass  First Lady.where she fought tirelessly For Education and Children.Then While as U.S. First Lady she got All Children Healthcare by passing the SCHIP STATE CHILDRENS HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN. Later on As U.S. Senator from New York after 9/11 She Tirelessly fought for First Responders, Victims, and Their Families. 

3. She Admits Climate Change is Real and wants to Save Our Planet.

4.On Healthcare : She is Committed to The ACA ,#ExpandMedicaidNow and the Public Option. Plus Prescription Drug Price reform. She is Committed to seeing that All America is Insured.

5. Raise Wages. Hillary Clinton supporters a Minimum wage of $15.00. Lifting American Workers out of Poverty. 

6. She Supports Tuition Free Community College . So All can attend College.

7. Pro Worker : She wants All Americans to have good Paying Jobs.

8. Pro Union : She knows Unions Are The Friend of THE American Workers. 

9. Pro Civil Rights and Pro Women and Children. To Hillary Women and #BlackLivesMatter #DisabledLivesMatter and #HispanicLivesMatter.  But especially All Our Children who are the Future.

10. Pro Public Safety.  Hillary Clinton is Committed to ending #GunViolence She has #Gunsense #NotOneMore and will #DisArmHate 

America this is a Close Election potentially.  These issues are too important to ignore.  Mr Trump (R) simply just has no idea how to solve them or is purposely ignorant on them That is why #HillaryClinton must be Our Next President. 

Thank you 

God Bless 

Photo in Memes  by : Hillary Clinton Facebook 

Memes by : Blog Author and Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact Facebook Fred Christian @FredChristian10 @fredchristian13 #ExpandMedicaidNow Twitter Fred Christian Facebook YouTube 


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