You Shouldn’t have to Take A Loan Out For Medicine #ExpandMedicaidNow


My Friends Our Mission At #ExpandMedicaidNow is All Insured. But A new trend is happening for both The Uninsured and Insured. Prescription Price Gouging. Many are again starting to Fear going without medicine. Many use home remedies or over the counter soloutions. Two very risky propositions to do, when dealing with your health.

For example A Person has insurance and usually has an affordable Co Pay. But the Insurance will not cover the prescription ! What do you do Go Without ? Many are facing this as Big Pharmaceutical Companies are soaking All ! Many of Our Most Vulnerable Our Disabled and Seniors Face this now. It is a nightmare A choice of Food or Medicine ! A death sentence either way !

Many medicines are getting more expensive. The Reason Greed ! It seems with the success of The ACA Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) many are looking to cash in !  Chief among the Wall Street Investors ! Who have said : “Prescription Drugs Will be the New Oil ! ”
Yes The same people who cause job and home losses now want to do Healthcare now !  A disaster that will kill.

Take For example my Friend Genesis Rodriguez A 21 year old who is sick and Uninsured in Fl. The reason Fl refuses to #ExpandMedicaidNow. And She needs it as she has a severe respiratory and lung disorder. Her medicines cost $10,000.00 per month !  What is Genesis doing about it ? She uses : Cough Syrup, and other over the counter remedies – Just to Stay Alive !! Absolutely disgusting and appaking in 2016 ! Thanks to a Heartless Governor Fl Gov Rick Scott (R). Who too made money off Healthcare ! HCA Columbia Hospital Chain.

But Genesis and the 1 Million Uninsured are not alone ! Soon many disabled and senior citizens will join her I fear. If nothing is done ! The era of Greed must end when it comes to Healthcare and Medicines. If not corporate America and the investors will become the DEATH PANELS !

So my Friends Wake Up. Price gouging of Medicine will have a deadly #Impact ! On someone you know or even you ! Wake Up America Stop The Death Panels before Its too Late !

Thank You
God Bless

Shown in memes below Amy and Genesis Rodriguez Photos by Genesis Rodriguez
Memes by : Fred Christian Author of This Blog and Founder #ExpandMedicaidNow #Impact 


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