The Struggle Of Our Seniors and Disabled #Poverty Help Them


My Friends Today I am going to tell you about something that has been going on ! Something little talk about that desperately needs to be discussed ! The sudden wave of Poverty our elderly and disabled are now facing !
I live this myself as a disabled adult with my Dad ! I have no income and only recieve Food Stamps ! My dad helps me with expenses ! But I see it every time I grocery shop …..The prices keep going up !
Many Seniors on Food Stamps get maybe between $20.00 and $ 35.00 a month ! Yes A Month ! Now please tell me how can you eat on that ! Realistically We All Know You Can’t !
Many Seniors are on Social Security as are the Disabled with SSDI – Social Security Disablilaty Insurance or SSI – Supplemental Security Income , The Payments are between $500.00 and $1,000.00 per month ! Not much room for comfort in this economy ! Again you can not buy much food or Pay much rent on it ! Many Seniors and Disabled are out of money by mid month ! I met a homeless lady who was disabled last year and it caused her to be homeless !


When it comes to the Healthcare of The Elderly and Disabled the above meme says it All ! Yes many Seniors get Medicare ! But it only pays 80% of costs ! If you can not afford a supplemental policy Then What ? As people age it doesn’t get cheaper ! Many require more medicines, specialists , tests just to live ! I have a friend who inspired this blog today who is going through this ! The 20% Co Pay is Too Much for many seniors and Disabled ! Because they just do not have the income ! Not All Seniors and Disabled are blessed to have a pension or stipend !
We need to do a better job and take care of our Seniors and Disabled ! One way is to increase Food Stamps so they can eat ! Another is to offer more Public Housing for an affordable place to live ! Plus raise the monthly COLA COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCE in Social Security SSDI SSI too ! Finally We Should #ExpandMedicaidNow to All Seniors giving them 100 % Medical Coverage ! And Also add hearing aids, shorter times to wait for prosthetics, Wheel Chairs and other things to help them !
Many Seniors sacrified alot in life and deserve dignity so lets hope people will get it and Care ! Give Them the dignity of their golden years ! Not let it be monthly torture ! They deserve peace and dignity ! When You are old or disabled how do you want to be treated ? Its Up to You America ?
Thank You
God Bless
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Thank you
God Bless

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